What is the 23andMe API?

The 23andMe API empowers 23andMe customers to understand and benefit from their genome by securely interacting with applications developed by third parties. Third party developers can leverage 23andMe’s platform to create novel, complementary genetic applications or to integrate genetics into their pre-existing applications. Our API terms of service describe the terms applicable to developers using our API.

The RESTful API uses the OAuth 2.0 standard to allow individuals to securely authorize individual portions of their genome to be used in third party applications. The API includes both raw data and higher-level interpretations which are available in the Personal Genome Service®. Please refer to our reference documentation for a complete list of available data.

23andMe API Developer Program

The 23andMe API Developer Program is designed to accelerate the broad use of genomics through novel, complementary applications that directly benefit the individual consumer. The human genome is a rich source of structured data, and we are just beginning to learn about the ways in which individuals will benefit from it.

Some ways in which the 23andMe API has been used to benefit our customers include:

  • Integrating genomics into clinical care through an EMR, PHR, or decision support system;
  • Exploring ancestry, creating art, or providing entertainment;
  • Providing novel, legal, credible, domain-specific interpretation of an individual's genetics;
  • Connecting individuals through shared genetic markers;
  • Integrating genetics with other applications or personal data sources, such as fitness or diet trackers; and
  • Focused research applications that do not redistribute or publish individual-level data.

Developing an Application with the 23andMe API

  1. Sign up

    The 23andMe API Developer Program is free for developers. API development keys are granted instantly upon sign up, and throttled to 20 users. This allows developers to get started immediately without friction or approval. Be sure to review the terms of service carefully.

  2. Develop your application

    We provide extensive documentation, examples, and support to help you get going.

  3. Apply for client upgrade

    As you near the end of development, apply to have your application upgraded. Pending your compliance with the terms of service and brand guidelines, we may remove the limit on your development keys.

  4. Share & promote your application

Application Content and Client Upgrades

There may be many applications which are not right for this program. We exercise discretion over client upgrades with the goal of furthering wide-spread adoption of genomics in ways that are complementary to our service. 23andMe does not endorse or sponsor any API application, and does not affirm the accuracy or validity of any interpretations made by third party API applications. Please refer to our terms of service and brand guidelines for further details on prohibitions. If your question is not addressed, feel free to contact us.


23andMe is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers, and participation in any third party application is entirely voluntary. The 23andMe API enables customers to securely share discrete pieces of data from their Personal Genome Service account using the OAuth 2.0 standard.

Independent of 23andMe's API program, 23andMe customers have the right to download their own raw data.